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Yäan Wellness Energy Spa, Tulum, Mexico

Yäan Wellness Energy Spa is located in the heart of Tulum, known for its calming turquoise water, white sandy beaches, historically rich Mayan ruins and fresh water cenotes (natural swimming holes).

Situated on the jungle side of Be Tulum Hotel, and as part of the same property, Yäan was intentionally designed to integrate into nature to inspire heightened healing and wellness. Honouring the ancestral wisdom and architecture of the Mayans in a modern and eco-chic design, a healing sanctuary was created to relax visitors’ body, mind and spirit.

Providing a range of holistic and ancient pre-Hispanic modalities, a family of healers, teachers, shamans and therapists are the facilitators and soul of the unique Yäan experience, which has become known by its guests as a sacred temple of healing.

Pre-Hispanic sweat lodge ceremonies (temazcales) are held during the energetically charged new moon and full moon cycles, or can also be booked privately in advance. The temazcal spiritual bathing ceremonies are led by a Mayan healer to ignite the experience of an authentic and spiritual deep cleansing.

The spa’s healing water therapies — utilising the state-of-the-art sauna, steam room, indoor warm pool and outdoor cold pool — are enjoyed as part of the treatment. Guests are reminded to nourish in the water rituals before and after treatments, which include the Sobada Maya (a Mayan abdominal massage that realigns energetic channels) or the energetic traditional limpia (which uses copal and herbal absorption techniques for physical and esoteric cleansing).

An organic rooftop garden grows sacred Mayan herbs which are then used in the treatments, energetic cleanses and bath rituals, as well as in delicious tea elixirs that are served to guests to further enhance their healing journey.

Yäan also offers private intuitive counselling sessions from director and internationally respected healer, teacher and psychologist, Dr Bobby Klein. Additional services include juice cleansing programmes, colonics, holistic facials, beauty treatments with healing crystals, Ayurveda treatments and daily treetop yoga and mediation classes, overlooking the jungle canopy.

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Need to know

Key facilities

• Sauna
• Steam room
• Warm pool/cold pool
• Temazcal (ancient sweat lodge)
• Organic rooftop garden

Key treatments

• Sobada Maya massage
• Aztec chakra massage
• Crystal and clay treatment
• Energetic traditional limpia
• Intuitive life path counselling by Dr. Bobby Klein

T: +52 1 984 179 15 30
E: [email protected]

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