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Safari Infinity, Tanzania

Safari Infinity specialises in tailor-made itineraries in Tanzania that fit each guest’s preferences and requirements, with the aim of showing off as much of the country’s natural beauty and spirit as possible.

Whether guests want to combine a safari trip with a mountain expedition, add a chimpanzee trek in the Mahale Mountains, or even end a holiday relaxing on the pristine bone-white sand beaches of Zanzibar, Safari Infinity will organise every detail, with private airport transfers as part of the package.

A team of multilingual safari guides, mountain guides and birding specialists — many born and raised in Tanzania
— are on hand so that guests can get the most out of their Tanzanian adventure.

Safari Infinity works with a huge array of accommodation in Tanzania, arranging stays in anything from simple tents in the bush to luxury lodges with incredible views of the Serengeti plains.

A minimum of two months’ notice is typically recommended to arrange safaris, mostly due to accommodation availability. However, during the peak season (July-September), planning at least eight months to a year ahead is advised.

Safari Infinity has years of experience arranging tours in the Serengeti: one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations, and a seemingly endless savannah with stunning panoramas most memorable at sunrise and sunset. For early risers, fresh coffee and a packed bush breakfast can be enjoyed in the true African wilderness, where beautiful blends of orange provide a backdrop to the dramatic silhouettes of acacia trees.

Early-morning game drives are one of the best ways to explore the bush, as this is when the wildlife is most active and the area less crowded with other safari vehicles. Safari Infinity guides take guests off the beaten path for higher chances of encountering big cats, as well as smaller mammals and an impressive list of other wildlife. Guests can choose to wander in the Serengeti plains until dusk, or return earlier to the lodge or camp of their choice.

Many of the properties offer views of big game — elephants, zebras or smaller antelopes — from camp, and as the sun falls most guests can be found by the bar or lounge area sipping a cocktail and settling into their accommodation — a perfect blend of luxury and comfort in the bush.

Need to know


· Tailor-made safari itineraries
· Team of professional safari guides
· Reservations at camps and lodges

T: +255 688 285 354/+255 786 039 077

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