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Luxury Peru 

Peru Cultural Journeys, Peru

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is a popular tourist pilgrimage, and Peru Cultural Journeys offers the opportunity to experience the authentic essence of indigenous Andean culture. Visiting this Peruvian highlight is a life-changing experience with the chance to explore and trek through hilltop Inca citadels set among plunging gorges and formidable foothills. Through tailored tours and using local guides, Peru Cultural Journeys provides a native perspective and an unrivalled, immersive cultural experience.

Based out of the quaint town of Pisac, Peru Cultural Journeys is a unique travel concept that affords an enriched sense of connection to the area and invaluable insights beyond typical touristic ventures. The native hosts and guides share an unmatched level of insider knowledge of the ancestral culture. Each tour itinerary celebrates the colourful layers and diverse elements of Andean culture and is based on a traditional holistic approach. Previous visitors have said they come away from their trip with broadened horizons and a deeper understanding of the area and its culture.

All the tailored tours provide an authentic cultural experience, where the focus is on local customs and communities. Visitors are invited to explore the exuberance of Peruvian textiles, the diversity of music and the exotic flavours in the booming culinary scene. Local knowledge is shared about well-known yet enigmatic archeological sites such as Machu Picchu.

For tours based out of Pisac, accommodation is provided at the company-owned boutique hotel, the Pisac Inn, and guests can also dine at the Cuchara de Palo restaurant. Fresh produce is sourced from the local youth-led Kusi Ñan Organic Farm, which compliments a menu celebrating Peruvian cuisine.

Peru Cultural Journeys is committed to socially responsible, ecological and conscious travel. It promotes the sustainability of Andean heritage, including educational projects such as the Kusi Kawsay Andean School, empowering children from local communities.

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See how food is grown and cook with the best chefs in the area — locals with skills passed down from generations

Need to know

Key facilities

• Pisac Inn hotel
• Cuchara de Palo Restaurant
• Kusi Ñan Organic farm
• Unucha Spa

Key activities

• Local guides and hosts
• Tailored tour itineraries
• Cultural excursions & events
• Trekking

T: +51 84 203062
E: [email protected]

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