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Islands Tonga 

Fafá Island Resort

An off-grid private island in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga, Fafá Island Resort is somewhere to escape the modern world and recharge your soul.

An 18-hectare coral island in the South Pacific ocean, this self-sustainable eco-resort relies on solar energy, rain tanks and a desalination system for around-the-clock power and hot running water on what was once a remote, uninhabited island.

There are 13 romantic ocean-facing bungalows tucked away in the island’s jungle. Built in traditional Polynesian style using all natural materials, each bungalow has walls woven from palm fronds and is decorated with fresh hibiscus, bougainvillea and frangipani flowers.

An outdoor bathroom in a walled garden allows guests to shower privately under the stars before retreating behind the princess canopy net surrounding their king-size bed. In a secluded beach-front garden, guests can nap in a hammock, sip cocktails on a sun lounger, and enjoy blissful idleness far away from the busyness of the world.

With no roads, vehicles, TVs or electrical distractions, the silence is broken only by birdsong, palm leaves rustling in the breeze and the ocean lapping against the shore.

A protected marine reserve since 2013, Fafá’s coral reef is a snorkeller’s oasis, home to hundreds of tropical fish, turtles, eagle rays and giant clams. The jungle bush trail is also home to the most abundant birdlife in the country.

In the candlelit restaurant on the beach, European-trained Tongan chefs prepare a fusion of traditional and modern cuisine using local ingredients to create an ever-changing menu.

On Fafá Island, it doesn’t take long to reconnect with the Earth’s natural rhythm. Food changes with the season, the days adapt to the rising and falling of the tide, sleep comes with nightfall and guests can watch the sunrise and sunset each day from the same stretch of sand.

Fafá is a tropical haven that enriches the soul. When it feels like life is a treadmill and it’s impossible to switch off, this sun-drenched coconut island provides the redefined luxury of being unplugged and unproductive in an increasingly hyperactive world.

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The chance to spend an unforgettable day swimming and snorkelling alongside majestic humpback whales



• Off-grid island with 24-hour power and water
• Ocean views from every bungalow
• Beach-front restaurant
• Protected marine reserve
• Library
• Twice daily boat access to the mainland
• Massage and beauty treatments
• Easily accessible from Fua’amotu International Airport


• Kayaking
• Snorkelling
• Swimming with whales
• Nature walks

T: + 676 22800
E: [email protected]

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