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Castel Fragsburg

The smallest five-star hotel in the South Tyrolean Alps, Castel Fragsburg is the birthplace of a unique spa and wellness concept, based on the alchemy of body, mind, heart and soul.

The creators are two visionary women: the modern alchemist Renate De Mario Gamper and the sacred arts muse Bellé Flora. Both are pioneers in their fields and believe that the key to physical and mental wellbeing is the energy exchange between humans and elements drawn from wildlife and the natural world.

In the first alchemistic Spa Castellum Natura, all care elixirs are freshly prepared by Renate, who comes from a long line of South Tyrolean healers. Using the centuries-old herbal knowledge of her clan, together with her formal scientific studies as a herbal educator and nutritionist, she creates restorative and nourishing potions for guests. These are made from organic herbs, flowers, precious seed oils, and mineral-enriched distillates. This synergy of natural energy and the human organism stimulates cell renewal and strengthens the defence system of the skin.

“Plants have a soul and carry in their DNA wisdom and healing properties, which we only can imagine in our wildest dreams,” says Renate.

“We both started our career at Fragsburg four years ago and wanted to create something lasting, something real and something that not only touches the body, but also the mind, heart and soul of our guests,” adds Bellé, who’s a licensed yoga and mystical dance teacher as well as a sound medicine and blessing practitioner.

In her tree hut sanctuary Sanctuarium at Castel Fragsburg, overlooking the breathtaking mountains, Bellé “celebrates a spiritual connection to the tantric web of life, integrating the polarities of human existence into a graceful dance of evolution”, as she puts it. Her morning yoga classes honour the sacredness and immeasurable force of breath as a great mentor and healer. In her evening ‘sound medicine’ sessions, she uses Tibetan and crystal bowls and sun gong to ‘chime with every cell of the body’, which she compares to “instruments which afterwards play in harmony within the celestial orchestra of the universe”.

Don’t miss

The fresh rose bath in the larch wood bath tub at the panoramic lounge, complemented by stunning mountain views



• Panoramic gourmet terrace
• 20 unique suites
• Fragsburg gourmet restaurant
• Michelin-starred restaurant Prezioso
• Fragsburg Bistro
• Sauna area
• Castle garden
• Heated outdoor pool
• Heated massage pool
• Pool panorama tower and lounge
• Garden gym
• Treehouse yoga sanctuary meditation, sound medicine and breath work
• Stargazing pavilion


• Queens’ ritual
• Fresh flower baths
• Iemanja ritual

T: +39 0473 244071
E: [email protected]

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