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Healthy food trends in London

Sam Rider chats to Sushisamba’s executive chef Claudio Cardoso about the new healthy food trends driving London’s cuisine

So, what’s the latest buzz in the health world?
Science is constantly helping us discover healthy foods that are driving the trend for healthier menus. We’ve seen it with green tea, soy, edamame and turmeric — a spice heralded as the miracle cure for everything from cancer to depression. It’s led 2016 food trends on Google, with searches growing 300% over the past five years. Now it’s the turn of the soursop fruit.

Soursop fruit? Come again?
The fruit of an evergreen tree native to the Caribbean and South America. Soursop tastes somewhere between strawberry and pineapple, and delivers powerful antioxidant benefits.

How do you serve it?
It’s great on its own or blended in a smoothie, but it’s especially beautiful in ceviche with any white fish. I mix it with lime juice, chilli and Peruvian corn for a bit of crunch. Just don’t judge it on first appearance: it looks like a green testicle with stubble.

And when can we get our hands on soursop?
In a month or two, in Brazil, the fruit will be at its ripest, with smaller seeds and more flesh. That’s when it’ll be back on the menu at Sushisamba.

And, finally, any crazes you don’t think will be arriving on our dinner plate any time soon?
Insects. Although the critters have been promoted as a sustainable, high-protein alternative to livestock, I don’t think they’ll be embraced by our culture. Instead, people are becoming more attentive to their protein sources, where it comes from and the welfare of the animal.

So less bugs, more fleshy testicles… Sounds like a Bushtucker Trial.

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