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Lesser known safaris - lion cubs


The secret seven: Lesser-known safari destinations

Think you know African safaris? Think again. While classic destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana’s mega-bucks reserves grab the lions’ share of big game-spotting tourists, lesser-known nations are coming out of the bush with innovative walking safaris, regenerated game… Read more »

Travel search engines illustration


The future of travel search engines

Scouring the web for travel inspiration can be daunting. But the rise of ‘semantic’ search engines and metasearch promises a new era, with the internet recast as an intelligent, intuitive ally that seems to knows what you want — even… Read more »

Winter sports holidays - Skiing in Verbier


Let it snow: The winter sports guide

There’s more to snow holidays than gunning down a hill on skis. How about ice climbing in South Tyrol, dog sledding in the Finnish Arctic or being pulled through the snow by a kite? And if that’s all a little… Read more »

Round the world travel


Round the world travel: The big ticket

A round the world trip is one of the greatest travel experiences there is. Multi-stop fares have come a long way, with a mind-boggling number of routes, destinations and deals on offer. Here’s the lowdown on getting up and away Read more »

Future hotels


Hotels of the future

What will the hotel experience be like in the future? A Jetsons-style vision of space station motels, perhaps? Or rustic eco-inns, focused on local provisions and simple, ‘human’ service? Read more »

Lourdes Pilgrimage: Two nuns pose with a pilgrim


Lourdes pilgrimage: In search of spirituality

Every year the French town of Lourdes buzzes with thousands of Catholic pilgrims searching for spirituality and hoping to bathe in the miraculous healing waters at the site of St Bernadette’s vision of the Virgin Mary. But what about non-believers?… Read more »

Special day courses, like those from Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, can help travellers overcome their fear of flying.


Plane afraid: Fear of flying

Do you quiver with fear as you board a plane? Get the jitters as soon as you leave terra firma? Pteromerhanophobia, or fear of flying, can affect anyone and can appear at anytime. But the good news is that you… Read more »

Sam undergoing training at Manop Gym, Phuket. Image: Muay Thai Manop Gym.


Thai boxing holidays: Just for kicks

Want to get under the skin of Thai culture? Or to get fit fast? Then take a trip to a Muay Thai kick boxing camp — even the luxury spa hotels are offering boxing rings and personal trainers Read more »