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Thanks to all of you who purchased a subscription through Groupon.
Please use this link (that can be found on the bottom of your coupon) to activate your code.


Where's my gift?
Please note the gift is sent out separately from your magazine subscription.
What's the delay? If you haven't yet received your free gift (the rucksack) you may be wondering what has happened to it. We are really sorry for the delay - we had a huge demand for subscriptions the last two months (over 17,000) making us the most popular subscription travel magazine in the UK. Thank you for that!
So when can we expect delivery? We had a batch arrive w/c 13 February and we are delivering in date order from when your subscription was taken out.
For those who have not received their bag in this order, another batch is arriving in the next couple of weeks so everyone will have their bags very soon.

Apologies again for any unexpected delays and we hope you enjoy National Geographic Traveller. 


Unfortunately we are only able to help with enquiries about National Geographic Traveller (UK). For queries regarding National Geographic magazine, a list of National Geographic Society contacts is available at:

Further assistance with National Geographic magazine subscriptions can be found on their Customer Service Index:


This site is still under construction. Every effort has been made to properly credit photographers. We apologise for any errors and ask you to contact us immediately with full details, when we will make any corrections necessary. Thank you for your understanding.


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National Geographic Traveller - Family

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Indian Ocean

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