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About Us

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER was launched in the UK in December 2010, joining a worldwide family under the National Geographic Traveler (US) brand that makes up one of the most widely read magazines in the world. The UK edition became the 14th international edition to join the family which has already reached over 21 countries and continues the theme of All Travel, All the Time. It offers insightful storytelling from passionate travel writers and great 'you- are-there' photography to inform and inspire you. National Geographic Traveller is passionate about discovering the world, its endless cultures and fascinating people while championing sustainable travel.

The US edition was created in 1984, and is the flagship travel magazine of the National Geographic Society – which has not only travelled the globe but also been a pioneer in its exploration for 113 years.

ABOUT NGT: National Geographic Traveller (UK) is published under license by Absolute Publishing Ltd (APL), from the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. www.absolutepublishing.com

ABOUT NGM: The National Geographic Society, founded in 1888, is the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organisation. The National Geographic Magazine has a goal of covering 'the world and all that is in it' and has a monthly readership of over 100 million people around the world.

National Geographic Traveller, On Sale Dates 2014
March 2014, on sale Thurs 6 February
April 2014, on sale Thurs 6 March
May 2014, on sale Thurs 3 April
Jun 2014, on sale Thurs 1 May
July/Aug 2014, on sale Thurs 5 June
Sept 2014, on sale Thurs 7 August
Oct 2014, on sale Thurs 4 Sept
Nov 2014, on sale Thurs 2 Oct
Dec 2014, on sale Thurs 6 Nov
Jan/Feb 2015, on sale Thurs 5 Dec

Supplements for 2014 include: Photography Competition, Family.



We aim to cover the world but with just 10 issues a year there is a limited amount of space for published work. Articles are written by experienced travel writers who are commissioned to write about a destination with a specific angle.

Please note we do not accept proposals over the phone and due to the sheer numbers of pitches we receive via email, we cannot respond to all.

Please familiarise yourself with the magazine and the type of features that are commissioned before contacting us.

Your proposal

If you've completed a trip, please don't send us a manuscript but an email to editorial@natgeotraveller.co.uk including: a paragraph outlining the story; the first paragraph of your story; cuttings and links to your work.

If you've yet to undertake the trip, please send an email to editorial@natgeotraveller.co.uk including: a paragraph outlining the proposed story; dates of travel; cuttings and links to your work.

To suggest a piece for our blog, please email editorial@natgeotraveller.co.uk

Please do not follow up your submission with a phone call. If you haven’t heard from us within a month, then feel free to email again. If we don't contact you, you should assumer we are unable to use your proposal.


Photography is key to National Geographic Traveller and it helps if either you can provide print-quality, professional images or you're accompanied by a professional photographer on your trip.

Our mission

Engaging storytelling with ‘you-are-there’ photography to inspire readers; and provide insightful, reader-friendly information to enable them to travel widely and safely. Features are designed to inspire readers to get up and go — and provide them with the tools to do so. We champion sustainable travel and celebrate journeys about place, experience, authenticity, living like the locals and great photography. It's the voice of writers who love to travel inspiring readers to travel.

WHO ARE OUR READERS? Our readers can afford to travel up to three times a year, on short breaks and once-in-a-lifetime destinations on an annual or biannual basis. They will not forego travel as non-essential to their lifestyle and truly believe travel is a necessity not a luxury.

AIM: To be a mainstream travel mag with a Nat Geo edge.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Active and curious readers who hunger to become travellers and see the world first-hand.
ABC1: (at least 80% of readership)
M/F:  35% / 65%
Average income: £65K


This site is still under construction. While every effort has been made to properly credit photographers, we apologise for any errors and ask you to contact us immediately with full details, when we will make any corrections necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

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Luxury Spas


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National Geographic Traveller - Family

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Indian Ocean

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